There Is Only One Safe Hiding Place

safe in Jesus safe place God refuge hiding placeIs any place really safe in the world we live? Through the years people have looked for places to hide, but there is only one safe hiding place. Here are some of the reasons why some may look for a hiding place. Maybe these reasons apply to you–now or in the past:


Ten Reasons Why People Look for a Hiding Place

  1. Hiding from Parents (Rebellious kids or teens may hide, especially from discipline)
  2. Hiding from Storms and Natural Disasters (Sometimes even the best preparations fail to give protection)

  3. Hiding from Unpleasant Circumstances or Situations (Often because of the inability to face them, as in denial)

  4. Hiding from “Irregular” People (Those who are hard to get along with)

  5. Hiding from Employers (Usually where dishonesty or fear is involved)

  6. Hiding from Responsibility (Selfishness, fear, or laziness may rule)

  7. Hiding from Authority (As in cases of crime or fear of punishment)

  8. Hiding from Threats of Danger (Perhaps from fear of domestic or sexual abuse, from terrorism, or from persecution as a Christian, or from unjust leaders)

  9. Hiding from Loved Ones – (Fear of discovery of harmful, controlling habits)

  10. Hiding from God – (The one person from whom we cannot hide)

    While praying for those who need a safe hiding place recently, I read some of the words from Psalm 91:

    “He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shelter of the Almighty” (v. 1, NKJV). “I will say of the Lord, ‘He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust’ (v. 2, NIV). “He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge” (v. 4, NIV). 

The One Safe Hiding Place

In reality there are no truly safe hiding places but one (Psalm 32:7). We can never hide from God. He created us and knows everything about us (Psalm 139). But we can hide with Him, and in Him (Psalm 11:1). 

American eagle metaphor for GodThe American Eagle

I love the picture of the American eagle, with a wingspan anywhere from six to ten feet. Young eaglets are safe underneath the huge wings of its parent. And those wings are powerful! If an eagle sees an eaglet in danger, (or seeking an enemy for prey), it can fly at 200 mph to scoop it up. The eagle believes in protecting its young.

A Metaphor for God – Our Secret Hiding Place

That’s a great metaphor for God: He is our “secret hiding place.” The Most High God is our “refuge.” And there is safety “under His wings.” He may take us through the storm or around the storm, but either way, God is the only safe hiding place.

The Psalmist says that whoever dwells–lives–in that secret place will rest. Where? Under God’s shadow–underneath His wings, covered by his feathers. 

Because we live in a fallen world, we as Christians will not escape every danger. But when we live in God’s hiding place, He will bring us through safely to the “other side.” “His faithfulness will be your shield” (Psalm 91: 4, NIV).

And when you are resting in that one hiding place, you need never fear–ever.

My Personal Prayer for You

Almighty God, where can we run, but to You? We have no safe hiding place but in You. Spread your wings over us today; protect us with Your mighty wings of love. Teach us to fear only You. Draw us closer to You, Jesus, for we belong to You! And we rest with sweet confidence in Your ultimate protection. We do not fear what others can do to us, because if we are Your children, we know You and love You. Not even death can separate us from Your forever presence (Romans 8:38)!

Day-votedly Yours,


* This is a revised post that I first published in 2011.

It’s Your Turn

What about you? When has God been your hiding place? I’d love to hear from you. Please leave your comments below, or send me your comments through the message section on my contact page. You might encourage someone today!

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  1. ajayi on February 26th, 2013 5:38 am

    god u are my hiding place

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