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I’ve been writing and selling hundreds of greeting cards and other products for thirty years to over 15 companies and have taught workshops on Writing Greeting Cards and Other Products. If you’re interested in writing–and selling–greeting cards, you can download a copy of my article:

Writing Greeting Cards That Sell, Eight Steps to Success

Get Started with Greeting Cards

Here’s a simple exercise to get your creative juices flowing. Complete the following phrases with as many responses as you can think of:

 1.      A day like today_____________________________________________

2.      Being with you______________________________________________

3.      Love is_____________________________________________________

4.      Wishing you a _______________________________________________

What are “other products”?

Think about gift items like magnets, calendars, bookmarks, plaques, wall hangings, posters, banners, mugs, pocket cards, door knockers, bulletins, T-shirts, note cards, stationery, bumper stickers, etc. Somebody has to write those! Many companies use freelancers to do just that.

Check out the Freebies and Resources page for general writing helps, and other helpful, encouraging tips on a variety of topics.

Here are a few sample greeting card verses and products I’ve written and sold in the past (Cover or main copy only):

Words to Live By

It’s not how much you accomplish in life that really counts,

but how much you give to others.

It’s not how high you build your dreams that makes a difference,

but how high your faith can climb.

It’s not how many goals you reach,

but how many lives you touch.

It’s not who you know that matters,

but who you are inside.

Believe in the impossible,

hold tight to the incredible,

and live each day to its fullest potential.

You can make a difference in your world.

-Rebecca Barlow Jordan

© Blue Mountain Arts, All Rights Reserved)

God Gave Us Friends

God knew how much we’d love a tender heart,

a willing hand, or a gentle word,

and how much we’d want the chance to say, “I care.”

He knew we needed treasured thoughts or private

memories to tuck away in our blessings file forever.

God knew our need to shower love on others–

so He gave us friends.

– Rebecca Barlow Jordan

© DaySpring Cards, All Rights Reserved

Our Wish for the World

A place where Christ can find a home,

hearts that love each other,

Lives embraced by heaven’s joy,

helping one another.

An end to terror, war and want,

forgiveness of the past,

Children safe from every harm…

and peace on earth at last.

-Rebecca Barlow Jordan

© Abbey Press, All Rights Reserved

An Anniversary Prayer for You

Lord of Love, bless this marriage abundantly.

Through every season of life,

may they see Your hand at work,

continually providing, always guarding,

faithfully guiding them all along the way.

And as the years go by,

in every word spoken, in every

deed done and every moment of shared affection,

may Your love be the theme of their lives

and the key to their marriage.


-Rebecca Barlow Jordan

© Celebration Greetings, All Rights Reserved

God Still Moves

 In the twinkling of an eye,

God can move the hands of time.

He can speak a word and bring it into being.

Trust His hand; trust His heart,

For He knows what’s best for us.

Lean on Him even when there is no seeing.

-Rebecca Barlow Jordan

© Warner Press, Inc., All Rights Reserved