When you need a personal whisper from your Heavenly Father, where is He? In times of stress, distress, or tragic loss, do you ache for His arms to hold you and carry you through? The loss of some precious friends recently–a father and his teen-age daughter–prompted me to post this simple devotion. When does God want to be your Comforter? For all who need God’s comfort–and we all do–this one is for you:


And I will pray the Father,

and he shall give you another Comforter,

that he may abide with you for ever.

John 14:16 KJV

From the Father’s Heart

My child, I know when your heart is breaking, when you’ve said good-bye to the last dream of your heart. I’m here for you, and I will hold you as long as you need to rest in My arms. My Spirit is ever present as the Comforter to speak peace to your heart and soul. In every sorrow, and for every tomorrow, I will be there. No one else can make that promise to you.

A Grateful Response

Lord, I never need to look farther than the comfort of Your arms. There You wait for me with expectant heart, longing for my fellowship. How many times I’ve felt Your strong arms and quiet whispers to my aching heart! Where else could I turn? Lord, You are my Comforter.

Simple Truth

Just when we think all hope is gone, Jesus fills our hearts with song.

(c) 2002, Rebecca Barlow Jordan, Daily in Your Presence, All Rights Reserved.

When and how has God been that Comforter for you? Please use the comment section below and share your thoughts with us.

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    1. Dessa Beswick on July 28th, 2010 7:49 am

      In July of 2003, I was leaving work and walking to my car. I unexpectedly felt a sense of great love and peace. It was so profound that I stopped walking to focus on it.
      I thought, “Someone is praying for me.” I enjoyed that love and peace for a few more seconds and walked to my car.
      The next day, my 34 year old daughter called to tell me that she was in the hospital and was diagnosed with leukemia. Twenty months later, she was in Heaven. I believe, to this day and always, that the Holy Spirit reassured me of God’s love to prepare me for those challanging 20 months with my precious daughter and her young family.

    2. Rebecca on July 28th, 2010 11:55 am

      Dessa, First, I am so sorry for the loss of your precious daughter. Thank you for sharing your experience of God’s comfort through the Holy Spirit. I know it will encourage many.

    3. QP on August 6th, 2010 5:31 am

      First I believe that God has often used your devotional book to speak directly to mea and I thank you for writing if. He has been my comfort when my mother and sister dies within a year of each other; when my marriage failed. And I have learned through all of this to call Him quickly and He is my ever present (pre sent) help in the time of trouble. QP

    4. Rebecca on August 8th, 2010 4:05 pm

      QP, Thanks for sharing that word of encouragement. I’m so grateful God blessed you!

    5. JASON FROM BORONIA VICTORIA AUSTRALIA on October 18th, 2010 2:30 pm

      Whenever I feel as though I am in the wilderness my friend Stephen Chisholm tells me “Jason, you are doing very well, you are on the right path and God Knows where you are in your life”.

    6. Rebecca on October 18th, 2010 8:13 pm

      Jason, good friends are such a blessing at times like this!

    7. Suzana Van Oort - Sugito on January 1st, 2011 4:49 am

      Cast your burden on the LORD, and He shall sustain you.
      – Psalm 55:1-8

      In my distress I cried to the LORD, and He heard me.
      – Psalm 120:1

      I cried to the LORD with my voice, and He heard me from His holy hill.
      – Psalm 3:4

      I have lost some of my family members including my husband.

      My Dad has passed away long time ago, one day after my birthday in 1983. My Mom passed away in 2005 followed by one of my brothers in 2006.

      Then in 2007 one of my sisters passed away from leukemia. Then a year later in February 2008 again, one of my sisters passed away after in coma state for 2 months at the hospital.

      Not long afterwards my beloved husband passed away in March 2008 after suffering from leukemia. And a year later in January 2009, my Mom in law passed away after suffering from colon cancer.

      God never leaves us (my sisters, brothers and myself) alone even though we have to face these losses of our beloved. God brought peace, calmness, strength and comfort in times of sorrows and grief.

      Because we know that they all have been saved and we believe that they were all with the Father in heaven, a much better place than the place we live in now.

      We know that God has a reason and He knows what’s best for each of us.

      I want to share with you my testimony :

      When my husband was on his last breath, I was standing besides him, praying.

      I whispered into his ear saying, “Don’t be afraid, because you have received JESUS into your life. God is waiting for you to come into His Kingdom. Trusts Him for He loves you. You don’t have to worry about me. God will takes care of me.”

      Then I prayed asking God to open the Kingdom of God for my husband.

      As I finished praying, I saw that my husband took his last breath and closed his eyes.

      And as I walked outside after my husband passed away, one of my husband’s relative told me
      that all of a sudden the sky turned from gray to red as it’s in the Book of Revelation, exactly at the same time my husband died at 05.15 pm in the evening.

      Furthermore he said, …Then I saw something in the sky started opening like a long tunnel and I saw inside the tunnel the sky is clear blue. A few minutes later the tunnel started closing, and the sky turn out gray again.

      I said to him, “I believe that God has answered my prayer asking Him to open the Gate of His Kingdom in heaven.”

      And on the cremation day, I gave my speech but one night before the cremation day, when I was reading the Bible, God gave me His Rhema and I felt the Holy Spirit led me to open The Book Of John 16:20 ,
      Verily, verily, I say unto you, That ye shall weep and lament, but the world shall rejoice: and ye shall be sorrowful, but your sorrow shall be turned into joy.

      The Book of John 16:22 ,
      And ye now therefore have sorrow: but I will see you again, and your heart shall rejoice, and your joy no man taketh from you.

      These two Bible Scriptures really gave me hope and comfort deep in my heart, because I felt these Scriptures spoke to me directly.

      I asked God, “How can I make a speech as I have never make any speech in front of people ?.” But I could sense the calmness and peace that He gave me.

      The next day when it was time for me to give my speech at the crematorium in front of people, I walked, took my Bible with me and stood in front facing the people there.

      I could sense God gave me His leading and anointing as I could suddenly speak boldly in front of them, stressing the importance of God’s salvation in ones’ lives.
      I read out some Bible Scriptures
      to them.

      After it was finished, as I walked on my way to go home, they shook my hands and some said to me, “You are a strong woman. What a great speech you delivered to us and we are blessed.”

      I am like Moses, tongue tied person, but God can make one able to speak up boldly to bring His message to others, the message of His Salvation…

      I thanked God that He loves and care His children when we keep looking unto JESUS as OUR SAVIOR and LORD OF OUR LIVES…

      To God be the Glory, for He is worthy to be praised and adored… Amen…

      That’s my sharing with you and I sincerely hope that you all will be blessed.

      HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011 and May God bless you all…

      In Christ Jesus,


    8. Rebecca on January 2nd, 2011 7:07 pm

      Thanks for sharing your story, Suzana. I’m so sorry for your losses. I’m grateful God has given you strength through it all.

    9. Goodness on July 1st, 2013 5:51 am

      I just give God the glory for letting me google till i find these encouraging words.
      I am going through a season in my life where i’m longing for God to comfort me as my heart is acking.
      The testimonies i have read on the bottom show me that i will get there.

    10. Rebecca Barlow Jordan on July 1st, 2013 8:39 am

      Thank you, “Goodness,” for your comments. May the Lord bless you as you walk through this difficult season.

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