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7 Secrets of a Long and Satisfying Marriage

July 23, 2012


My husband and I just celebrated our 46th wedding anniversary. Yes, we married young. :-) No, these are not necessarily our secrets, though we’ve tried to incorporate them into our marriage through the years. Actually, I could sum up the secret of our long and satisfying marriage in three words: God‘s amazing grace.

But as marriage enrichment leaders through the years we’ve had the privilege of working with many couples. And in his minstry position, my husband has had the opportunity to work with and counsel numerous couples.

What makes a marriage flourish? This list is not exhaustive, but here are seven secrets of a long and satisfying marriage that we’ve observed through the years: (If you’ve been married over 25 years, I’d love to hear your thoughts on what makes a marriage last. You can do so at the end of this blog). Read more

What Are You Reading, and Why? Part 2

January 30, 2012

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Today is Part 2 of last week’s blog: What Are You Reading, and Why? Today I’ll continue to answer that question we often see on facebook, and tell you about some more books I’ve read in the last year and a half. Again, some of these are oldies but goodies, and many are newer. I know some of the authors. Others I feel I know, after reading their stories.

As you can tell by both blogs, I love reading fiction, because I love “story” and the truths hidden within. They can literally take me around the world, especially if the author has done his research well. But I like to balance my reading with other kinds of non-fiction books as well.

A disclaimer to my post: I’m neither recommending or promoting any on this list. I’m merely sharing what I’ve read, hoping that some of these books might be encouraging reads for you. Thanks to those of you who shared what your’re reading in last week’s comments. I welcome you to do that again, in the comments section below, following this blog. Read more

Seven Reasons for Not Blogging

March 9, 2010

To blog or not to blog….

When I decided my old website needed a face lift, I heard–and read–tons of advice: “You need to be blogging, not just writing a newsletter.” Why? I questioned peers and studied the words of experienced bloggers and thought, “Does the world really need one more blog? I mean, who cares? And why? Who wants to read my private thoughts and opinions, anyway? And with my schedule, would it be blogging or bogging?

What Is Blogging?

What is blogging anyway? If you’re new, you can find plenty of generic introductions to blogging, like this one from WordPress, Daniel Scocco’s post at, or any of Michael Hyatt’s posts such as “How to Start a Blog.” An article called “Christian Blog Evangelism” shares some “how-to’s” while encouraging Christians to write blogs from a Christian worldview.

Why Start a Blog?

Everyone has his own reasons for blogging. Sue Gunelius, an guide, lists “Ten Top Reasons to Start a Blog,” like marketing your product, sharing an opinion, helping people, connecting with others, and making a difference. “Just journal your thoughts,” someone else offers. “Blogging is just journaling your thoughts to the world.”

Hmm. I actually love journaling. Years ago as a young mom I remember sitting for hours writing both my complaints and celebrations–intended for God’s ears alone. Sometimes I’d think, “Am I wasting my time?” I shamed myself for chaining my heart to a pen and a desk, pouring out words no one would ever hear–while work sat untended. Who cared about my scribbling? God did. And He encouraged me.

So I continued to journal through the years. In the process, penning my thoughts has also helped me become more accountable. How? By taking the truths God has shown me through His Word and through personal reflection, and applying them to my own life. 

So, what does all this have to do with blogging? Read more