When You Need to Know Where God Wants You

June 2, 2016


When you need to know where God wants you, where do you go for answers?

My name is Rebecca Barlow Jordan, and I am a _________aholic. I could complete that sentence several ways.

How would you fill in that blank personally?

At different times and different seasons, here’s how I might characterize myself. I am a: Read more

This One Habit Can Make a Huge Difference in Your Life

October 6, 2015

Habits can be good or bad. But if you can change this one habit, it may affect not only you, but literally thousands in your lifetime.

This One Habit Can Make a Huge Difference in Your Life


Today, I’m talking about procrastination in the sense of trusting your memory to accomplish today what you should have preserved yesterday, or this morning, or an hour ago. Or as my husband loves to remind me when I plead forgetfulness: “Write it down!”

He’s so right. Writers are not the only ones who understand this deadly habit of procrastination. Not recording the thoughts, impressions, and ideas immediately God gives us,  can leave us frustrated and empty. Waiting until later, depending on your age, may mean those ideas never return. 🙂 Read more

Book Giveaway & Author Interview with Deborah Raney

November 18, 2014

Home stirs up a variety of images and memories. In recent blogs, I talked about heaven, our real home. But today, I’m offering a new book giveaway from author Deborah Raney called Home to Chicory Lane. A great start to a new Christian fiction series, Deborah’s new book introduces us to the home of the Whitman family. I love the inviting back cover blurb from Deborah’s new book:




Read more

Finding Hope and Joy in the Story of Your Life

September 30, 2014

Finding Hope and Joy in the Story of Your Life

Your life is a story. How are you living it? How can you find hope and joy in the story of your life? Read more

It Takes So Little to Be Above Average

August 5, 2014

It Takes So Little to Be Above Average

God prompted me to re-visit this blog I wrote in the past. The devotional message never grows old. Enjoy.

I read Florence Littauer’s challenge years ago in her book, It Takes So Little to Be Above Average. But God reminded me of that principle in a truly simple way this week.

I had just semi-closed the misaligned door of the old armoire  in our bedroom. But as I rounded the corner to the hall that book title popped into my head–as it sometimes does when I’ve given a half-hearted effort to do something. Read more

The What Ifs of Life: Positive or Negative?

July 1, 2014


In fiction, asking “What if?” can create dozens of plot possibilities. But in real life, can asking “What if?” steal your joy or bring you peace?  Read more

What Makes Your Heart Sing?

June 3, 2014


God laid on my heart this week to share a two-part blog series with you again. “Someone needs this,” I heard Him whisper. Maybe it’s you.

Feeling cranky, tired, discouraged or edgy? Sure, it could be hunger or hormones, but the problem could go deeper. Recently, I was suffering from “technology overload”–and a prolonged schedule packed with new “learning curves.” We’ve been married so long, my husband recognized the symptoms immediately. It was time to talk.

“What makes your heart sing?” he asked gently but firmly. “I think that’s the real problem.”   I knew immediately what he meant. Maybe you do, too. Read more

Ten Simple Ways to Add Balance to Your Days

October 14, 2013

Ten Simple Ways

Seasons of life run their course, and no matter who we are or at what stage we’re at, we often see balance as an impossibility.

You can focus on a project you love and not even miss eating. You may procrastinate your unpleasant tasks or bow to the tyranny of the urgent. You can help others reach their dreams but never realize your own. You may even teach about intimacy with God but never spend time with Him yourself. Do any of those fit you?

We can usually find an excuse to fit every situation: It’s the kids, my boss, my husband or wife.  It’s my health, my editor, or my age in life. Believe me, I’ve offered my share of excuses along with you. But I long for this thing called balance, don’t you?

Keeping Life in Balance

Keeping life balanced is not easy for anyone, but here are 10 simple ways that help me daily. Maybe it will give you a good place to start:  Read more

Three Keys to Success in Writing (and Everything Else)

September 30, 2013


Whether you’re writing, teaching, parenting, or gardening–no matter what the season, activity or occupation–these three keys will help you be more successful.

Read more

The Divine Appointment

August 12, 2013


The “stuff” of life consumes us, confuses us, and clouds our perspective daily. We try to write the pages of our lives our way, but we end up with volumes of unnecessary rewrites. When we add the most important story ingredient daily, not legalistically, but with a dry, thirsty spirit, God enters, and changes us–and our story. We all need a divine appointment.

The Divine Appointment

by Rebecca Barlow Jordan

A thousand voices beckon me:

“You must do this today!

No time to pause and rest awhile,

no time for God to say

those gentle whispers in your ear,

those words you think you need to hear–

such foolishness–no way!”

But longing deep inside broke through.

With boldness I knew what to do:

“Get out! Get out! Go far away!

And then His gentle voice I heard,

So strong I could not speak a word,

“I’m waiting here for you.”

A divine appointment called my name.

 With dry and thirsty heart I came.

“Speak to me,” I whispered,

as other voices died away…

“I’m listening, Lord, it’s our time now.

What do you want to say?”

In my heart, I am thirsty for you, the living God (Psalm 42:2, CEV).


Do We Ever Outgrow Our Need for Divine Appointments?

I wrote that simple poem several years ago, but ran across it recently. All of us experience distractions and droughts–times when we need to drink deeply of God’s grace, His love, and His Word. In fact, is there ever a time when we don’t need those divine appointments? I don’t think so.

Even though I write about God’s character often, if I focus solely on what to feed others and neglect  my own spiritual disciplines, my own spirit will suffer. I need huge “gulps” of God daily!

The “stuff” of life shakes out differently for every person. Sometimes we experience stretches with no end of change in sight. Other seasons catch us off guard but trip us up only momentarily.

Whatever you are dealing with, God is able to handle it. Make a divine appointment today.

My Personal Prayer for You

Lord, only You know what readers are dealing with today. You know the “flesh patterns” of each heart–the things that draw us away from You and keep us self-sufficient, instead of depending on You daily. Thank You for Your availability, for sweet whispers of grace and mercy. Help us to keep our divine appointment with You daily, so You can write the story of our lives, not us. The journey is always sweeter with You as the Author. We thirst for you, God. Fill our hungry, thirsty hearts with Yourself.

Day-votedly Yours,


On a Personal Note

The last two weeks brought technical challenges for me. New software updates for my computer started a chain reaction of problems: programs hanging and not responding, no shutdowns (manual only), and a few days later someone maliciously attacked my website. (So if you noticed a break or some changes in my blog/website recently, that’s why). The website’s fixed, and software technicians have reinstalled the updated programs repeatedly. Hopefully, they’re working now. Thanks for your understanding and patience.

It’s Your Turn

What about you? Tell us about your “divine appointments.” Share your comments below.

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