What God Promises When You Stumble

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The promises of God is a new personal study of mine to search out God’s promises in the Bible, and as I mentioned last week, I’d like to encourage you with a few of those findings, beginning with today’s blog.

What God Promises

I love what God promises in Psalm 37:23-24! God knows–and orders the steps of His children. He’s planned them from the very beginning. And He truly enjoys being involved in the details of our lives. Nothing is too small or too large for Him!

God knows about them all: the good, bad, and the ugly. He sees every temptation and every victory. David, the Psalmist, learned that often as he dealt with danger, near-death, temptation, and rejection.

And this promise not only acknowledges God’s care of us. Another translation says, “He takes pleasure in his way” (HCSB).

What God Promises Does Not Depend on Us

Not because of anything we’ve done or not done, however. Except to trust Him, receive His gift, and be draped in Jesus’s righteousness.

Our acceptance of Jesus’s forgiveness, through His death and resurrection as the covering and payment for our own “ungodliness,” qualifies us for this promise: when we stumble (and we will), we will not be completely overwhelmed by the trials, temptations, or distractions our enemy designs to make us fall. They don’t have to defeat us, because He is holding our hand tightly. (This promise is not referring to a temporary fall into sin; but God has other promises that apply to that, like 1 John 1:9).

We may stumble, but if we fall, it will only be into God’s hands.

That encourages me. I hope it puts a smile on your heart today as well.

My Personal Prayer for You

Lord Jesus,

What precious promises You have given us to live by! Forgive us for not taking You at Your Word, for doubting Your power, or for not acknowledging Your presence in every area of our lives. Everything we do matters to You! Just knowing we bring pleasure to You ups our motivation to trust You more and more. Thank You for caring. Thank You for holding onto us when we feel weak and helpless in times of testing. Thank You that Your strength is perfect–always, in every situation, and that Your help is readily available when we call to You. Keep our steps firm and steadfast as we seek to follow the path You have ordained for us.

Day-votedly Yours,


It’s Your Turn to Share

What about you? Do circumstances and testings get you down? How have you experienced God holding your hand? Would you share your comments below?

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