The Day My Life Changed was only eight. Old enough to realize I didn’t know everything–nothing, really. But I knew enough to say yes to someone who would change my life forever.

It all started in the home of a preacher’s family, where my parents took me to church from the time I belted my first cry. In a Vacation Bible School one year, my father shared a fascinating visual I would later use across the ocean to explain the day that changed my life.

My dad took a simple white cloth to represent the purity of man/woman when God created us. He dipped that cloth into what appeared to be water, and the fabric turned black, symbolizing the blackness of sin. That pattern of selfish behavior and disobedience, first begun by Adam and Eve, continued to our day. He used Romans 3:23 to document that truth.

That was the bad news.

Good News

But the good news followed.

Then my father plunged the cloth into another jar of water, and it turned red, picturing the blood of Jesus, who took our sin upon Himself and washed away the blackness of that sin from our lives through His crucifixion death. My dad explained how God’s gift of Jesus was a gift to everyone in the entire world who would believe in Him–who would place their faith in Jesus –resulting in eternal life. Heaven, in other words (Romans 6:23, John 3:16). Forever with Jesus.

We couldn’t earn the gift. We couldn’t buy it. We received it by saying yes. “Yes, I trust in You, Jesus. Yes, I need–and receive– your forgiveness. Yes, I believe you died for me. Yes, I give my life to you forever” (Ephesians 2:8-9)!

And then my dad dipped the now red fabric into the water one more time. Can you guess what happened? The cloth turned white and pure again–like brand new. A picture of what happens when Jesus’ love and forgiveness floods our lives and washes us clean (2 Corinthians 5:17). Forgiven. Completely. Our death sentence canceled. Our lives changed forever. Love Story Ever Told

A simple picture of the greatest love story ever told–and an explanation I could understand. No bright lights. No angel appearing. No vivid dreams.

But that year in VBS I said “Yes” to Jesus. And my life changed forever.

What Jesus Is to Me

Not too dramatic. But real to me. Has my life been perfect since then? Hardly. We all have those “other” testimonies we can share–the not too fun times even as believers when we made bad choices or forgot who and whose we were for a season. But five decades later, I can testify Jesus is exactly who He says He is. And He’s done exactly what He said He would do. He is, above all, faithful–even when I am not. But His unconditional love and grace makes me want to–be faithful.

In troubled times, He’s my Refuge.  In times of doubt, He’s my Reassurance. In times of drought, He’s my Living Water. In loneliness, He’s my Faithful Companion. In weakness, He’s my Strength. In sadness, He’s my Joy. How long do you have? I could talk about Jesus all day.

He is the Name above all Names.

No matter how simple or dramatic your story (testimony) is, it’s yours. Alone. And I’d love to hear it.

Encourage Your Fellow Believers – It’s Your Turn

Persecution around the world is spreading like a cancer. Fellow brothers and sisters are losing their lives because they refuse to turn from the One who has changed their lives: Jesus. The One who will never turn His back on them (John 10:28-29). Because physical death is not the end. It’s only the beginning of Life–and Heaven, our real home.

In a hundred words or less (sorry, not room for more here), would you encourage your brothers and sisters in Christ by sharing your story in the comments below: How did you come to know Jesus personally? How has God changed your life? You may even be offering the breath of heaven to someone for the first time.

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2 Responses to “The Day My Life Changed”

  1. Patty Anderson on June 27th, 2016 9:52 pm

    I would love to know how your father did that object lesson! Our VBS is a couple of weeks away and I love to have visuals that get their attention and help them understand.

  2. Rebecca Barlow Jordan on June 30th, 2016 9:47 am

    I never found out from my dad before he passed away. But I think bleach, iodine, and maybe ink? could have been involved. Sorry I can’t help you!

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