40 Days in God's Presence , A Devotional Encounter by Rebecca Barlow Jordan


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“Our hearts long for someone we can trust completely…someone who will love us as we are, someone who knows before asking what’s wrong and what to do about it. We want someone who will not laugh when we fall and skin our knees, one who will not abandon us when our failures are exposed, someone who understands our deepest pain.”

That someone is none other than God Himself.

In this forty-day journey into God’s presence, you will begin to know God as more than Creator and King. Encounter the One who meets us as:

  • The God of radical love
  • The God who delights in you
  • The God who conquers giants.

Through these moving devotions, you will see your Savior through the eyes of people who interacted with Him in dramatic ways. Like them, you will leave His presence transformed. Through insightful reflections, celebrative worship, and daily personal truths, prayers, and questions, this devotional guidebook will help you experience a life-giving closeness with your Creator.

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