What Is the Quality of Greatness?


We associate various meanings with the quality of greatness. Probably none of those equal the way Jesus explained–and lived–greatness.

I think Dr. Tim Kimmel agreed with Jesus’ definition in his book, Raising Kids for True Greatness. The editorial review says, ‘Raising Kids for True Greatness will expose the shallow wisdom of the world, giving parents a road map to guide their children toward rich lives of eternal value and significance.”

But we all need that reminder often. Warner Press first published this poem I wrote several years ago. Using Jesus’ example as your model, I hope these thoughts encourage you to keep striving for true greatness:

The Quality of Greatness

By Rebecca Barlow Jordan

The quality of greatness is not found

in wealth, or fame, or in leadership.

Those who are truly great

will not wear crowns on their heads,

but towels around their waists.

They are the ones who have developed

a servant’s heart–

always loving, and living to bring joy to others.

They are the ones who view their gifts

and value their abilities

as treasures from God

but who choose willingly to place others’ interests

and desires ahead of their own.

Anyone who wants to be first, must be the very last, and the servant of all. Mark 9:35 NIV

My Prayer for You

Lord, help us learn the true meaning of greatness, so others–our children, neighbors, co-workers, everyone–can see Jesus in us. We desire big hearts, not big heads. Help us start a new “fashion trend” by wearing an invisible towel at our waist, everywhere we go.

Day-votedly His,


What About You?

What about you? We hear a lot about “taking the challenge” in many areas of life: exercise, diet, etc.  This is a good place to start with a spiritual challenge. Will you “take the challenge” with me to carry an invisible towel around your waist for one week? In other words, will you allow Jesus to teach you more about the true quality of greatness this week?

It’s Your Turn

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    2 Responses to “What Is the Quality of Greatness?”

    1. Kris Brown on April 15th, 2014 8:24 am

      Wonderful words, wonderful friend, wonderful lady.

    2. Rebecca Barlow Jordan on April 16th, 2014 7:22 pm

      Thank you, Kris!

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