This One Habit Can Make a Huge Difference in Your Life

October 6, 2015

Habits can be good or bad. But if you can change this one habit, it may affect not only you, but literally thousands in your lifetime.

This One Habit Can Make a Huge Difference in Your Life


Today, I’m talking about procrastination in the sense of trusting your memory to accomplish today what you should have preserved yesterday, or this morning, or an hour ago. Or as my husband loves to remind me when I plead forgetfulness: “Write it down!”

He’s so right. Writers are not the only ones who understand this deadly habit of procrastination. Not recording the thoughts, impressions, and ideas immediately God gives us,  can leave us frustrated and empty. Waiting until later, depending on your age, may mean those ideas never return. :-) Read more

Five Signs of a Spiritual Freeze-Up

March 3, 2015

Can you detect the five signs of a spiritual freeze-up?

We can’t prevent the snow blanketing much of our country. Will winter never end? But a more serious condition can paralyze us. Can you recognize the five signs of a spiritual freeze-up? Read more

Book Giveaway: Mornings with Jesus 2015

October 21, 2014

Book Giveaway for Mornings with Jesus 2015It’s time for another book drawing giveaway. This time, I’m featuring Guideposts‘ new devotional book, Mornings with Jesus 2015. Eleven writers helped write this new devotional, and this is the third year I’ve been privileged to join that writing team. Every time I study and learn more about Jesus, and every year I experience more of His love and grace, He grows more precious to me. Here’s an excerpt from one of the devotions I contributed to this book: Read more

One Habit That Can Change Your Life

October 7, 2014

One Habit Can Change Your LifeWhat if I told you about one habit, one thing, one secret that could make your life better? One simple application, one decision–five words–that can change your life in almost every area?  Read more

Book Review: Unquenchable, by Carol Kent

February 24, 2014

Book Review: A Look at the Painful “But if not’s” of Life

Carol Kent’s new book, Unquenchable, takes a hard look at the fiery struggles and trauma in the lives of believers who have walked through the painful, “but if not’s” of life. With transparency and honesty she identifies with those who have faced crises of belief, sometimes questioning God’s actions and their own faith as a result of difficult, life-altering events. Carol shares even more insights from her own personal journey involving her incarcerated son as well as other experiences from her own life and family members. Read more

25 Christmas Prayers – Day 25

December 25, 2013 is the 25th in a series of daily Christmas blogs: 25 Christmas Prayers celebrating the names of our precious Lord. Featured today is Kings of Kings and Lord of Lords. I hope these simple prayer blogs will enrich your Christmas season and draw you close to the One who is the true reason for Christmas. (I’ll return to my regular, weekly blogs after Christmas).

Day – 25 King of Kings and Lord of Lords





Jesus, all authority and power has been given to You by Your Father. And one day we will share Your glory and inherit all the throne privileges of Your royal throne forever. Even now, as we approach Your throne day or night, You will welcome our request. One day, every knee will bow and every tongue will delight in confessing You as King of kings and Lord of lords. Read more

25 Christmas Prayers– Day 5

December 5, 2013

Today is the fifth in a series of daily Christmas blogs: 25 Christmas Prayers celebrating the names of our precious Lord. I hope they will enrich your Christmas season and draw you closer to the One who is the true reason for Christmas. 5 – Immanuel – God with Us

Lord, how is it that a righteous God could be “with us?” We are sinful. You are holy. You are in heaven. We live on earth.

Yet the very essence of Christmas is rooted in an eternal, loving plan that brought You here to live in us, with us, and through us.

Because of Christmas, You are now “with us.” Long ago men housed Your “presence” in a tabernacle made by human hands with supernatural instructions. But Christmas ushered in Your presence here on earth, walking among us, living with us.

You no longer live in columns of clouds or pillars of fire. Read more

4 Ways to Prepare for Success

September 3, 2013

Success–how should I prepare for it? What should I do? Where should I go? How should I plan? What does God really want? Every day you are preparing for something and Someone. Large task, small task? Doesn’t really matter. When you continually prepare, you’ll be ready for whatever God asks you to do. Here are four simple ways to prepare for success: Read more

Five Questions to Ask When You’re in God’s Waiting Room

July 1, 2013

The next time you find yourself in God’s waiting room through a personal loss, an unexpected difficulty, a severe test, or a “wilderness” time when you desperately need answers but can’t seem to find them, get alone in a quiet place and ask God these questions: Read more

Hope: Bible Promise for Today

April 22, 2013

Bible Promise for Today: Hope

Photo by Rebecca Barlow Jordan

“He tears me down on every side till I am gone; he uproots my hope like a tree.” (Job 19:10 NIV)

Some of you just read that and are asking, “Where is the hope in that verse?” In fact, right now some of you may be feeling like the one who spoke those words. Read more

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