Book Review: Unquenchable, by Carol Kent

Book Review: A Look at the Painful “But if not’s” of Life

Carol Kent’s new book, Unquenchable, takes a hard look at the fiery struggles and trauma in the lives of believers who have walked through the painful, “but if not’s” of life. With transparency and honesty she identifies with those who have faced crises of belief, sometimes questioning God’s actions and their own faith as a result of difficult, life-altering events. Carol shares even more insights from her own personal journey involving her incarcerated son as well as other experiences from her own life and family members.

But she doesn’t stop there. She also allows us to walk through the fire and see some of the effects of a purified faith and redeeming God, filling us with hope that one day, we can see gold on the other side of the fire.

She Leads Us to the God of the Flame

You won’t find trite words or shallow explanations here. Blended throughout like a fine tapestry are powerful biblical stories, truths, and thought-provoking questions that will combine to help ignite an unquenchable flame in the heart that has grown cold, distant, or discouraged. In all her books, but especially this one, Carol reminds us we are not alone in our struggles. And you have the distinct feeling as you read, that she is walking beside you as a friend and encourager, leading you to the God of the Flame, the One who is always with you, even in the fire.

Carol Kent Is Real

What I love about Carol’s books–and her life–is that she is real. As one of the godliest women I know, she and her book challenge others to let the Holy Spirit ignite a fire of unquenchable faith inside, one that adversity cannot extinguish, a faith that will spread like wildfire! I love her metaphors of fire throughout the book, including the ways God used it in Scripture, like purifying, refining, and ushering us into His presence.

A Book that Will Challenge and Encourage

This is a book that will challenge you, encourage you, and make you want to read many times. Reading it re-awakened in my own heart the desire for that same unquenchable, red-hot faith. It’s an exciting, hope-filled book that will bring you to your knees, and I recommend it heartily.

The publisher sent me an electronic copy in exchange for my honest review.

A Good Read

I’ve recommended several books lately to you, more than usual, but I hope they’ve been helpful. Any book by Carol Kent is a personal favorite of mine. You can find a copy of Carol’s book, Unquenchable, here. And if you’d like to know more about Carol, you can check out her website.

Questions for You

How would you describe your faith? Has God ever used a difficult experience to ignite your faith? Have you ever faced a “crisis of belief”? Would you leave a comment and tell us about it?

 It’s Your Turn

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Book Giveaway from Last Week

Don’t forget about last week’s book giveaway. I’m not giving away Carol’s book today, but we are offering two books from last week. Check out that blog, “What Hope Can Do, and be sure and leave a comment to be in the drawing for one of those books.


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    1. Mary T on February 24th, 2014 10:13 pm

      Rebecca, God has blessed me with the gift of great faith! I am sure as well that my mom and prayer have a lot to do with it as well…with His blessing of course. That said, there have been many times in my life both awesomely glorious and painfully in despair that God has used to “fan the flame”. In praise and thanksgiving, my joy so great I could explode, I am on fire to know Him and love Him more and more, as my Creator, my Jesus and Holy Spirit…or as I weep in prayer in my deepest and darkest moments of despair, He has found me in my weakness, my loving heavenly Abba, my Rock and Refuge, my Lord and Comforter Jesus and my Counselor Spirit…calling me to come and rest in Him, offering me Hope, Peace, Love and Strength, a renewed Faith and Trust that can only be found in God. Life is full of ups and downs but there is only one way…Jesus, the Way, the Truth and the Life!

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